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Joyful Noise

Joyful Noise is a body of work that was exhibited in Belfast’s Waterfront Hall gallery in March 2012. It is a collection of paintings that explores the organic world through the lines, geometry and motifs of nature.

Sun Rays is based on simplified drawings made from photographs taken in Belfast’s botanical gardens. The aim of this work was to capture the warmth of sunlight streaming through the canopies of leaves. The abstraction and choice of colours in ‘Sun Rays’ where chosen to accentuate the leaf motif and emphasize the contrast of dark and light through complementaries used, such as purple and yellow.

‘Freedom’ is based on drawings of trees that focus on the movement and structure of branches moving in the wind. The colours chosen are psychedelic – a playful reminder of a child’s fantastical perspective on the world we inhabit. They are an assortment of complimentary pairings against a warm ambient orange. The mark making, like aboriginal art consists of broken line to create a sense of movement.

'Radiance’ is a patchwork of colours and texture. The painting focuses on a body of leaves  intertwined and overlapping. The colours are gregarious yet thoughtfully applied. There is a conscious balancing between boldness & delicacy. The blue profile line running throughout acts like a divider between colour and pattern. This same style can be seen in stain glass windows. 

‘Zinger’ is a delightful piece. It represents the tangible feeling of vitality that is experience when we respond positively to nature’s colours, smells and sounds. The complimentary blue and red is off set by dots of yellow surrounding the leaves.

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