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The Veil Between

The Veil between

Inspired by a residency at Largo das Artes in Brazil I have created this piece in homage to the beautiful windows of St. Sebastians Cathedral in Rio. They reflect a beauty that is breathtaking :- a reminder of what is to come, and a perspective to live by.


Stained-glass throughout church history has been used as a physical symbol of the veil between the natural and spiritual. In this painting I echo the structure of rose windows, using fabrics bought in the Saara markets to create a rich depth of pattern. It is an expression of hope as we journey through life.

This painting has not been seen outside of my studio as yet.

detail,Kaleidoscope of Colour, acrylic o

'The Veil Between', acrylic on canvas, 228cm 351cm, studio shot 2018

Kaleidoscope of Colour, acrylic on canva
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